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Upcoming Mini-Golf Tournament to Benefit Whitley County Moms and Families

May 22, 2019

Upcoming Mini-Golf Tournament to Benefit Whitley County Moms and Families

DSC_1172.JPG[COLUMBIA CITY, IN] – Whitley County BABE, a non-profit organization that specializes in providing resources and a community for moms and families, has announced that their annual mini golf tournament is back for the 8th year! This year’s BABE Miniature Golf Tournament will be held on Thursday, June 13th at Paige’s Crossing in Columbia City.

This event is the only miniature golf tournament in Northeast Indiana. In the past, local businesses have used this event as a team building exercise or a way to network with other local businesses. This year there will be only one flight in the morning and BABE is encouraging teens to create teams. Teens can enter a group of four, ages 13-17, at a reduced rate.  Adult groups and teams can participate for $120 per team.

All proceeds from this event will help the growing families in Whitley County. BABE not only provides assistance with baby supplies like diapers, wipes, clothing and even larger items like strollers and car seats, but the organization has created a community of support for moms. Nutrition classes, block parties, car seat checks and other educational activities happen throughout each month with the goal of helping moms build a support system while learning new activities to benefit their children.

“Being a mom is hard. It’s been so great to watch BABE expand and offer so many different opportunities for moms to be around other moms.” says Bri, mom of three who is involved in many of the programs at BABE. She continues, “Being able to experience motherhood with other moms has been a huge blessing.”

“This event is such a fun day for the community to get together, have fun, be competitive, and raise money for the families we serve right here in Whitley county”, says Jacie Stahl, Executive Director of Whitley County BABE.” She continues, “BABE is 100% grant and community supported.This event allows us to continue to build a community where moms can draw strength from each other.”

Many sponsorship opportunities are still available for the day of mini-golf at Paige’s Crossing. Each golf course hole can be sponsored by different businesses. Team registration is $120 per team and includes 18 holes of mini-golf and a Subway lunch. Teams can sabotage other teams by purchasing “dirty diapers” which can add strokes to other team’s overall scores. “The sabotaging has become quite a big factor in the score at the end of the day. This year we have some new “cheats” that can be purchased too.”, Stahl adds.

For more information on how to participate, sponsor or attend this event, please visit


Whitley County BABE is a non-profit organization in Whitley County that serves over 1200 people.  BABE provides quality incentives to parents who participate in preventive and prenatal care including parenting, educational and nutritional classes to promote a healthy pregnancy, healthy birth outcomes and early childhood development. In exchange for participating in preventive and prenatal care, participants are given a BABE Coupon that can be used to “purchase” diapers, wipes, clothes, strollers and more at BABE’s store located on Line Street in Columbia City. BABE also hosts various mom groups and activities and programs to provide support to the families who need it most. Learn more at

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