Diaper Blow Out

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A diaper blow out that’s actually a GOOD thing!

Moms know that a diaper blowout can spread everywhere, but what if we had a GOOD diaper blowout that blessed local families with the diapers they desperately need?

How it works:
For as little as $20, you can provide a family 150 diapers. Then, ask 20 of your friends to do the same and that would be a total of 3,000 diapers for families in Whitley County. -And that’s just the beginning of the blow out!

Let’s see how big this blowout can be! BABE has supplied families with more than 51,000 diapers this year alone and we need your help to keep going!

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How to invite your friends:

Facebook Post Example:

Be part of this diaper blow out! I just donated $20 and I’m asking my friends to do the same to help BABE provide more diapers for the families who need most. So far this year, BABE has provided more than 51 THOUSAND diapers and they need our help to keep it going!

Will you make a $20 (or any size) donation and invite your friends? Get started at babewc.org/diaperblowout