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Winners of the BABE Cutest Kid Contest


We are happy to share that the 2019 Cutest Kid Contest brought in more than $2,700 that will be used at BABE to help us buy more diapers, wipes, clothing and all of the essentials our moms need!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their child’s photo for the contest, donated in person at the fair or online, and to those that shared the Facebook posts so more people learned about BABE! We couldn’t do this without all of you!


Son of Derick and Kirstie Sheets

Daughter of Kelsie Pasquale & David Western

Daughter of James and Amanda Schinbeckler

Daughter of Sarah Bird

(tied for winner of the age group)
Twins of Michelle & Zach Beard

Daughter of Laura & Jeremiah Tucker

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