Learn About BABE Coupons

What is a BABE Coupon?
A BABE coupon is earned at many locations in and around Whitley County.  These coupons are given at wellness checks, parenting classes, reading programs support groups and more. It is an incentive program for parents to participate in preventive and prenatal care. This promotes healthy pregnancies, birth outcomes and early childhood development.

How to Earn BABE Coupons:
For a complete list of BABE Coupon Providers, view this list.

How to use BABE Coupons:
The BABE Store accepts coupons for exchange of merchandise (no money ever changes hands). For example, if someone wanted to purchase a high chair, they would have to earn and redeem eight “BABE Coupons” in order to “purchase” that item. From diapers, clothes, sippy cups and more, you can choose from a large variety of items to exchange your BABE coupons.