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What is BABE?

BABE is an incentive program for parents to participate in wellness programs for themselves and their children. Parents earn BABE coupons at 40+ providers in Columbia City, including doctors’ offices, libraries, classes, WIC appointments, and more.

What’s a BABE coupon?
BABE coupons are earned at 40+ providers in Columbia City and can be exchanged at the BABE store for items like diapers, wipes, clothing, etc, or saved up for larger items like strollers and car seats.

What are some examples of how I can earn BABE coupons?

How do I find a list of coupon providers?

Do BABE Coupons expire?
No. BABE coupons do not expire.

What if my doctor doesn’t provide BABE coupons?
Simply bring in a receipt from your appointment within two weeks of the date you were seen, and we will issue a BABE coupon to you for that visit.

How do I become a BABE Coupon Distributor?
Do you provide a service to families in Whitley County? If so, contact us.

Who can use BABE:
Anyone living in Whitley County with children 0  – up to age 6
Pregnant women
Regardless of income

Should I use BABE if I don’t need help buying diapers?
YES! The more BABE coupons distributed in Whitley County, the better-funded BABE is by grantors.

By using BABE, am I taking away resources from families who may need it more than mine?
NO. BABE is for every family regardless of income. The more BABE coupons distributed in Whitley County, the better-funded BABE is by grantors.

When is the BABE store open?
Wednesdays Noon – 5:30
Thursdays Noon – 5:30

What happens at the BABE store?
You can “shop” with your earned coupons. You can attend special classes and events at BABE to earn more coupons. You can meet other parents while at BABE.

What classes are offered at BABE?
Nutrition with Purdue Extension
Block Party by Purdue Extension
Music and Movement
Before 5 and BrightPoint
A Hope Center
Parenting Topics offered by Danielle Henderson
Story & Craft Time by Peabody Library
Mama Bear’s Support Group

What’s the class schedule?
Each month, we publish a calendar that’s available in-store and online on our Facebook page.

How is BABE funded?
BABE of Whitley County is a recognized 501(c)(3) and is funded by various foundations, grants, and generous people like you!.

What’s the easiest way to help raise money for BABE?

Baby Bottle Campaigns or Diaper Drives are easy fundraisers:

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