Friends of BABE 20×20 Campaign

For more than a year now, retailers like Babies R Us, Gymboree, and Crazy 8 have been closing their doors and going out of business. Because of this, we’ve lost our largest donors of brand new clothing. To be able to continue to offer a variety of clothing for the families we serve, we have started purchasing clothing on top of all the other items we’re buying like diapers and wipes.

Will you help us offset the cost of this loss? For as little as $20, you can have an impact on the moms, babies and families in Whitley County.

20x20All you have to do is make a $20 donation and then ask 20 of your friends to do the same! (Of course, a donation of any amount is fine!) – You can simply copy and paste the wording below to share this on Facebook.

Click below to make a secure donation through Paypal.

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How to invite your friends:

Facebook Post Example:

Hey friends! I’m helping  BABE of Whitley County raise money to help reach the smallest members of our community! 

Funds raised will help spread awareness of resources available to pregnant moms and families or to help offset the cost of basic baby supplies by helping stock our BABE store.

Will you make a $20 (or any size) donation and invite your friends? Learn more:×20