BABE of Whitley County Kicks Off 10th Annual Cutest Kid Contest

BABE of Whitley County, a non-profit organization that provides resources and a community for Whitley County families, kicked off their 10th annual Cutest Kid Contest today, July 15. This contest includes six age categories for children newborn through age six. Families can upload a photo of their child for the contest and cast votes for one dollar each.

Since switching to an online contest, this competition has become one of BABE’s most successful fundraising events in the past two years. Before 2020, this contest included in-person voting only at the Whitley County 4-H Fair.

“Finding an online platform to make this easier for parents, grandparents and everyone who votes has really contributed to the success of the fundraiser,” said Laura Tucker, Executive Director of BABE of Whitley County. “It’s easy for people to share on Facebook, which helps us with exposure to BABE and the resources we provide to families,” Tucker added.

Last year, the contest raised more than $12,000. All proceeds from this contest will benefit BABE of Whitley County and the resources they provide for more than 1200 families in Whitley County.

The Cutest Kid Contest runs now through Friday, July 22 at 11:59 PM and can be found at babewc.org/cutest2022

To learn more about the services provided by BABE of Whitley County, please visit babewc.org. You can also visit BABE on Wednesdays and Thursdays from Noon – 5:30pm at 533 N. Line Street in Columbia City.

Last year’s grand prize winner was Levi King. Submitted by April King.



BABE of Whitley County is a non-profit organization in Whitley County that serves over 1200 people. BABE provides quality incentives to parents who participate in preventive and prenatal care, including parenting, educational and nutritional classes to promote a healthy pregnancy, healthy birth outcomes, and early childhood development. In exchange for participating in preventive and prenatal care, participants are given a BABE Coupon that can be used to “purchase” diapers, wipes, clothes, strollers, and more at BABE’s store located on Line Street in Columbia City. BABE also hosts various mom groups and activities, and programs to support the families who need it most. Learn more at www.babewc.org.

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